Twenty-six students and 2 coaches form three rows to pose for a group photo. Students are all girls ranging from middle to high school age. Girls in the front row kneel on one knee. Two adult female coaches are in the back row in the center of photo. Group is indoors on light brown laminate gym flooring with a volleyball net set up behind them.

Students participating in the summer volleyball camp pose for a group photo at Washougal High School.

Across Washougal School District, students flock to local school campuses for sports camps to sharpen their skills and get active this summer. Sports camps prepare students for fall athletics and encourage healthy habits during summer break. From June 27 to July 29, students in grades K-8 chose from summer sports camp offerings in volleyball, tennis, track and field, basketball, soccer, cross country, and football. Summer athletic programs are made possible through The Panther Foundation, a local nonprofit organization supporting Washougal High School athletics.

Five girls sit on laminate gym floor facing left. They are aligned diagonally, in a row beginning in the upper left corner and ending in the lower right corner of image. They are wearing t-shirts, shorts and knee pads. They all smile.

Middle school students listen to volleyball tips and techniques from experienced high school athletes.

Inspiring Future Generations

“These camps are important because this is our future generation,” said Courtney Wilkinson, head volleyball coach at Washougal High School. “When athletes start young, they really grow a love for the sport. Young students absorb everything like a sponge. They learn so fast.”


Two high school girls stand side by side in the indoor gym. The girl closest to the camera faces away from the camera to the second girl. The second girl leans forward with laughter. In the background is a volleyball net and a younger girl running.

Students share laughs at the volleyball camp.

Challenging Young Athletes

At summer volleyball camp, courses follow a peer mentorship model. Beginner athletes are paired with older, more experienced student athletes to build skills and confidence. The camps pair younger athletes with positive role models while reinforcing for older volleyball student players that they have a skill to share. With instruction and guidance from knowledgeable coaches, athletes are empowered to find a passion in team sports.

“Sports teach youth to overcome obstacles together,” said Coach Liz Bertch. “Involvement in sports teaches life lessons, and it teaches youth to work together to accomplish a common goal.”

Moment is captured just after middle school boy kicks soccer ball toward the goal. Boy is outdoors. The ball flies about 20 feet ahead of him. Boy faces away from camera. Ball is to left of boy. Soccer goal can be seen in the background.

Washougal student scores a goal in the summer soccer camp.

Coaches and athletes at Washougal School District look forward to an enriching and rewarding fall athletic season. Washougal High School (WHS) welcomes a new Associate Principal and Athletic Director, Brian Wilde, this year. “I am really looking forward to joining the Washougal community and supporting adults who are working to create transformative experiences for students,” said Wilde.


Rising Washougal School District Students & Community

Athletic programs contribute to the overall success and wellbeing of Washougal School District students. Student sports represent a portion of the extracurricular activities offered at area schools. Strong community support enables Washougal School District to serve the educational, social-emotional, and developmental needs of local students. Washougal School District knows, nurtures, and challenges all students to rise.


Six elementary school aged athletes run after a soccer ball. They are positioned in a group with the soccer ball at the center. Two high school coaches are on the left side of the group.

Athletes practice defending the ball at Fishback Stadium.