The Office of the Washington State Auditor’s team has wrapped up their work, and Washougal School District once again has a clean audit with no findings.

The state auditor conducts an audit of school districts every year, with a goal of increasing trust and transparency. For school districts across the state, these independent and transparent examinations help to improve budget efficiency and effectiveness. The finance team at Washougal School District, under the leadership of Kris Grindy, Director of Business and Operations, works closely with the audit team as they conduct a thorough review of how the district uses public funds.

The state audit team lauded Grindy’s work, noting the excellent work that went into achieving a clean audit for the sixth year in a row. The state audit team spent around three weeks in February and March reviewing financial reports, transactions, and processes.

Board president Cory Chase said “The financial success of the district is a core responsibility as a board member.  This independent audit and third-party review of our financial data is a strong indication that our district has a strong financial oversight in place. I’m confident in our business office, which has a demonstrated track record of sound financial management and transparency. This year’s audit was particularly complex with the challenges from the pandemic and tracking of ESSER funds.  The audit team commented that they were very impressed with the incredible work of our business office during this process.”

Superintendent Dr. Mary Templeton noted, “Excellence in financial management and good stewardship of resources are core values our community expects. We’re pleased to continue meeting the high bar the state audit team sets for the use of public resources and compliance with rules for good governance.” She continued, “Clean audits are one of the many measurements of success included in our six-year strategic plan. The Washougal community asked for, and we are demonstrating, a commitment to a transparent budget process that aligns expenditures with community priorities.”

“This year’s independent accountability audit reviewed information from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2022 period, and involves a team of people across the district, each of whom has a role in ensuring compliant and accountable financial transactions,” Grindy noted. “Our history of clean audits is a testament to the dedication and care of our staff, who safeguard public resources.”

Grindy added, “I appreciate the state audit team, and value their expertise in reviewing our finances and transactions. Each audit is an opportunity to learn and continue to refine practices to ensure compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal financial rules.”