The results from the April 25 election show both school levies passing.  We’re thankful for and humbled by the support from our community, and the opportunity to invest in our students.  The levy funding bridges the gap between what the state provides in basic education funding and what’s needed for our excellent programs.

Superintendent Dr. Mary Templeton said, “I feel a deep sense of gratitude to the Washougal community for their continued investment in Washougal’s schools. This funding will make sure every student has a well-rounded education, including the arts, academic supports, and opportunities to find themselves through athletics and clubs.”

Levy funded programs make Washougal an excellent place to live, learn, and work.  Students plan their futures and receive support from our caring teachers and staff to help them reach their goals.  

Templeton added that, “This is excellent news for our students, for our community, and we are committed to creating a better and bright future for each of our students, and this investment ensures Washougal will continue to be an educational destination.”

We are thankful for everyone who has shared feedback, both positive and negative, through the community survey and the board listening tours.  We’re committed to continuing this important work, and believe in finding ways to bring everyone together in support of our students. We are also committed to an open and transparent process as we use the funds voters have provided over the next three years. 

The next board listening tour takes place on May 16 at the Washougal Community Senior Center from 6-8 PM.  Please visit our website for details.  Thank you Washougal!