New and returning Washougal School District School Board members were sworn in to service at the December 12, 2023 board meeting after winning in the general election on November 7, 2023. Superintendent Dr. Mary Templeton administered the oath of office.

Ida Royer was elected as the newest member to the WSD Board to represent District 4. Royer is a parent of a current Washougal student.

Board members are sworn in by superintendent at the board meeting

Royer shared that, “I’m honored to serve my fellow Washougal families, and am very grateful to the current board members who have welcomed me, volunteered to get me up to speed, and answer any questions I might have.”

Board members Jim Cooper (District 1) and Angela Hancock (District 2) were also reelected to their seats in the November general election. Both will serve 4-year term that expires in 2027.

During the same meeting, board members voted to elect their officers for the year. Angela Hancock was elected as the board president. Jim Cooper was elected as the board vice-president. Chuck Carpenter will continue to serve as the legislative representative, which is a two-year position.

Dr. Mary Templeton welcomed Royer, stating “We’re excited to welcome Ida to the board. Her perspective as a parent will be important as the board establishes priorities for student learning and continuing the excellent academic progress made over the last year.”

Royer added that, “I ran for school director because as a parent I’d want someone balanced and practical to be at the table making decisions that could impact my child, and I feel I can be that for other families. At the end of the day I want all our kids to be prepared for life after school, in whatever form that takes.”