Bargaining statement September 8, 2022

The Washougal School District met with the Washougal Association of Educators to continue the bargaining process tonight.  The two sides reached agreement on several more proposals, and continue to make progress.  The district will meet with WAE again to bargain on September 19, 2022.

Bargaining statement September 7, 2022

As you may be aware, the Washougal School District is currently working through the collective bargaining process with the Washougal Association of Educators.  Both the district and association teams have met multiple times to work toward an agreement, and we have reached agreement on many issues, and continue to make progress.

Our district is committed to continue offering a regionally-competitive salary package that helps us attract and retain excellent teachers for every Washougal classroom, and our most recent offer from September 1, 2022 does that.  The district’s package includes a 5.5% salary increase, paid professional development, and responsibility pay for work outside the work day.  The salary offer on the table would pay our top-end teachers $111,007 per year. If accepted, this would put our top paid teachers as the second highest paid teachers in Southwest Washington, just behind Camas.

Teacher with briefcase next to a pile of money, with words Newest district offer All state money given, and then some! $111,007 proposed total compensation for teachers at the top of the pay scale. Includes the 5.5% salary increase and makes them the second highest paid in the region.

The chart below shows a comparison of top-end salaries for teachers around the region, and where our offer puts our Washougal teachers.

WSD Salary Schedule Comparisons

click for accessible version of this salary table

The association and the district will meet again tomorrow to bargain on the contract.  We will post updates about the progress made on our website.