Vision and Mission

Washougal School District will be working to chart its course through a new strategic planning process during the 2018-19 school year.

“The new strategic planning process will be a tool to help decide where we want to go as a district and create discrete goals for what we want to work on together,” said Dr. Mary Templeton, WSD Superintendent.  The six-year plan will provide direction for 2019-2025.

A core group of district administration, staff, and Board representatives will reach out to the district’s many stakeholder groups such as teachers, students, parents, business leaders and the Washougal community for a series of input forums.

The school district is using an online tool called Thoughtexchange to collect ideas about the future and vision for our schools.  The ideas shared via the Thoughtexchange will be used to inform in person community input forums with stakeholders to ensure that the goals that are developed are comprehensive and reflect shared hopes for the district.

Vision for the Future! Share your hopes for the future of our schools

Patrons are encouraged to visit the Thoughtexchange several times, and to spend around 20 minutes first sharing ideas, and then starring ideas shared by others. “This tool will be valuable outreach tool,” said Templeton. “Data we gather will help surface important themes from the community about how they feel about our schools and education in Washougal.”

Our Vision:

Together, entrusted with and accountable for the success of each student.

Our Mission:

Creating a supportive and welcoming environment for student success, our schools and community will collaborate to ensure all students become self- reliant, well-rounded, and productive citizens through a broad range of opportunities.

  • Each student will develop a strong academic foundation that includes the arts, health, technology, and second language skills.
  • Each student will develop the ability to use time effectively, think critically, work cooperatively, and utilize a variety of skills to solve real world problems.
  • Each student will develop civic and cultural understanding, an appreciation of diversity, and an ability to engage in civil discourse within a democratic society.
  • Each student will develop an understanding of life-long fitness and the skills needed to make healthy choices.
  • Each student will develop effective written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking and communicating to a variety of audiences, and demonstrate positive and appropriate social interaction.
  • Each student will leave high school ready to assume adult responsibilities, manage resources, successfully apply for opportunities, live independently, collaborate as a member of a team, and commit to hard work.

We asked community members, parents, students, and staff what experiences and opportunities they believed students should have in school to be successful in life. These three major themes emerged.

  • A wide variety of co-curricular and extra curricular activities:
    Each student will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including athletics, performing arts, and high interest clubs.
  • Partnering with the community for the students’ futures:
    Washougal School District will partner with community, businesses, and agencies to introduce students to a broad range of occupations and expertise and to get the feedback needed to keep instruction relevant. Students will have opportunities to apply what they have learned in class to real work experiences and contribute to community needs.
  • Extending learning within and beyond the classroom
    Each student will have learning experiences including field trips to enrich learning in and beyond the classroom. Students will actively engage in projects including scientific inquiry, environmental studies, technology, governmental systems and leadership.
We asked community members, parents, students, and staff what aspects of the district culture should remain the same, and what aspects needed focus.

Welcoming and Inclusive Culture

Washougal School District celebrates the strong sense of community that has been created. Our goal is to build and nurture a culture that is inviting to everyone, considers the needs of working families and accepts differences in others.

Student Learning

Washougal School District celebrates success in providing effective supports for students through social and behavior development programs, specialists that provide for the broader needs of students and families, diverse educational learning pathways, and recognition of student accomplishments. Our goal is to provide for additional learning and behavioral success with the support of up to date curricular materials and technology tools that are aligned across the district.

Adult Support of Student Learning

Washougal School District celebrates the collaborative culture that has been created to support student learning. Student achievement data is used to drive instructional decisions. Our goal is to partner with parents to support their children’s’ learning, mentor new staff members, and provide training to better meet the needs of diverse students.

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