District Budget Information

We don’t plan the budget.  Rather, we budget the plan.  We’re attracting, retaining, and training our workforce.  We’re preparing each and every child to receive a first-class ticket to their future by providing innovative, creative learning experiences that provide the best start to their post high school lives.  We are evaluating our student data, monitoring our resources for efficiencies, and creating a culture of high accountability. When our investments do not promote the desired outcome, we adjust and re-evaluate.  

Kris Grindy, Business and Operations Director

How the Washougal School District Budget is Developed
Developing the District budget is about an eight month process, beginning in January. It involves setting revenue estimates, reviewing current spending patterns, prioritizing goals for expenditures and cash reserves, and drafting a budget for review and approval by the Board of Directors. The process involves ongoing review and input from District staff, the Board of Directors and the public, concluding with public hearings and adoption in August.

Goals of the budgeting process include: District-wide needs, maintaining a prudent cash reserve and building and department needs. Throughout the process, the budget is modified based on changes in legislation, enrollment, needs or priorities. State law requires school districts to have a budget available for public review by July 10 and to hold a public hearing on the budget prior to adoption, usually in August.

Additional information
The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction provides detailed school apportionment and financial information. Please visit their website at http://www.k12.wa.us/ and click on School Apportionment to get this information.

Financial Charts and Information

Previous Year’s End of Year Budget Reports (updated after the closeout of each fiscal year, usually in November or December)

For Other Budget Data, please visit OSPI’s website and download the School Apportionment reports. Data is available for past school years.

ASB Budget Reports for 2SSB 6062 Compliance (at least last 5 years, law enacted 2012) are on the ASB Finance Info page, or you can find these on each school’s website under their Athletics and Activities page. 

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