Wellness committee

District Wellness Objective: To promote one to two activities annually that engage the community and create continuity between schools in order to assist students and staff in practicing lifelong healthy habits as well as assist/support schools in meeting building wellness goals.

Data to Justify Objective

Activities to Address Objective Timeline for each Activity Community Engagement

Survey was created to determine wellness wants/needs.


  • 62% chair massage during breaktime
  • 61% staff teams striving for wellness
  • 36% Open Gym
  • 32% Building-Wide teams participate in wellness events
  • 27% Weekend Group hikes
  • 21.5% After school Wellness Workshops
  • 20% Expand the Resource Fair to include staff wellness information
Focused activities for Wellness Committee to promote annually include the following:

1. Chair massage offered at each building twice annually

2. Include staff in school competition for STRIDE Event to benefit the WSD Foundation; Awards given to schools based on participation of students & staff

3. Increase vendors for Wellness, Exercise, Fitness &/or Nutrition available at the district’s benefit fair by at least two

Timeline for completion of each activity:

1. October – May

2. End of May

3. Mid-August

Community partners to engage in these wellness activities:

1. Massage School or business

2. Washougal School District Foundation

3. Benefits Fair Committee and Wellness Committee Members

Budget considerations: Some funds might be needed to pay for massage offerings.

Committee Members:  Margaret Rice, Patsy Boles, Renae Burson, Kim Williams, Paula John, Heather Jones, Gary McGarvie, Mark Jasper, Mark Bauer.

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